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​​​​​​Master Inventory & Food Cost Guide

This program uses a master product excel template that auto updates and creates:
Master Inventory List with Product Yields, Printable Recipe Cards, Recipe Food Cost, Printable Order Guides, Printable Individual Vendor Guides, Price Check Sheets, Menu Food Costing, Printable Menu Food Costs, Printable Auto Generated Prep Sheet, Conversion Charts, Inventory sheets and Food Cost Calculator.

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Restaurant Opening Checklist

This 16 page checklist goes through what an owner will need to open a restaurant. A must have when writing a business plan. 


Printable Scheduler

Now you can budget and schedule at the same time. This program gives you the ability to plan and budget your employees payroll. It will notify you when employees need to take a beak and at what time. It will calculate your payroll budget based of of your projected sales. It also allows you to choose from different job titles and sections for versatile employees.


Employee Written Warning & Guide

This program teaches how and when to conduct a verbal or written warning. Protect your business by documenting employee conduct.  This program includes an Overview Guide, Dos and Don'ts Checklist, Employee Written Warning Instructions, and Employee Written Warning Template.


Pour Cost Program

We provide bar inventory services that accurately measure beer, liquor and wine usage. This service pays for itself through loss prevention, accuracy and labor. It is one of the fastest tools to impact your bottom line.  We all know how time consuming inventory can be. Get rid of the clipboard and start using technology to your advantage. When staff knows your monitoring their pours, they are more likely to be honest and accurate. Now you can determine who needs more training or if they are stealing. 


Target Pour Cost, Actual Pour Cost, Individual Item Pour Cost, ​Overall Profit and Loss, Each Item P&L, ​​Categorized P&L, Menu Costing, Recipe Costing, Target Menu Pricing, Spillage, Potential Sales, Loss, Bartender Evaluations, POS Issues, Graded Period Report, Evaluation Report, Ordering Pars, Low Product Warnings, Integrated Recipe Cards, Solutions Report, and Recommendations.
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